How Is Cosmetic Surgery Viewed in the Middle East?

A topic of cosmetic and plastic surgery was once taboo in the Middle East. However, it’s no longer a secret that in the recent years the cosmetic surgery industry has blossomed in this part of the world and it’s not a shameful topic anymore. As in every part of the world, people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem and to improve their physical appearance.

Women most likely opt for quick ‘lunchtime procedures’ such as Botox injections and facial fillers, while more drastic and invasive alterations are less popular. Injectibles gained popularity because of their safety and ease. They offer immediate results without spending weeks in recovery and hiding from the outside world. These non-invasive alterations give a better-looking skin, erase wrinkles or plump small and thin lips. Another fast and simple procedure that is completely safe is fat injections. Fat from your stomach or thighs is injected into your lips or breasts or any other part of your body that you wish to make bigger. It is a safe procedure since fat is a natural product.


Lebanon has been given a nickname the ‘Mecca’ of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The popularity of these procedures has skyrocketed in the recent years, and according to some statistics, 1.5 million procedures are done every year. This country offers a variety of procedures from rhinoplasty to breast augmentation.


The most popular cosmetic surgery performed in Iran is rhinoplasty. This country has some of the world’s best rhinoplasty surgeons and researches show that the rate at which women undergo this type of cosmetic procedure in Iran is seven times higher than anywhere in the world.


Egypt is considered the leader in body cosmetic procedures, especially in the area of the abdomen. They have the latest technologies which enable the experts in this country to perform different types of cosmetic alterations ranging from dental to eyelift procedures.


Dubai is famous worldwide for its luxurious lifestyle. It’s no wonder that cosmetic surgery in this country is booming and gaining popularity by the minute. The most popular cosmetic procedures performed are liposuction and breast augmentation.

Brock Lymburner